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Our work method

All children should participate in society!

More and more children in the Netherlands are unable to participate in activities that are very normal for their friends for financial reasons. They are often literally on the sidelines. Leergeld wants to let these children participate (again)!

The Leergeld Foundation has over 90 local Leergeld districts. We offer these children the opportunity to participate in indoor and extra-curricular activities. We offer them an opportunity, so that they flourish, develop knowledge and skills and gain self-esteem.

For example, children can go on a school trip or school camp. We can also arrange a (second-hand) bicycle or (used) laptop if a child does not have one. All normal necessities of life, allowing children to develop and fit in.

How to register?

Anyone can submit a request for help to Leergeld Land van Cuijk, so parents, friends or family members, school, social workers, social workers, etcetera. This can be done in writing, by telephone or by e-mail. Leergeld Land van Cuijk assumes that if third parties make a report to Leergeld, the parents have given permission for this.

When registering, basic information is requested such as: name, address, some details of the children for whom help is requested, an indication of the request for help and a rough indication of the income.

Let every child participate again!