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Our work method • What does Leergeld reimburse?

Leergeld considers it important that all children can participate and that means participating in various areas, such as school, sports and culture.

We reimburse the contribution for a sports or music club, swimming lessons, clothing, football shoes or a tennis racket. But also, for example, a school trip, excursions, a bicycle to cycle to school and a laptop to do homework.

The starting point for every decision is that people must first make use of the existing facilities that are available, such as social wellfare benefits or a study cost allowance. Your municipality can help to determine what you are entitled to. See also page “Land van Cuijk social welfare possibilities”.

Some examples that we can finance are:

  • Bicycle (used)
  • Laptop (used)
  • Parent contribution school
  • School trip or (school) camp
  • Contribution sports or music association
  • Swimming lessons from 6 years A diploma
  • Music lessons, dance or ballet
  • Each inquiry is different and the fees will be considered per child.

The financial help is always directly to the purpose. For example we pay the bill of the relevant school, association or institution. This means that we do not distribute money to the families. There is a maximum of € 250.00 per child per year. Of course, Leergeld cannot spend more than its cashier allows.

A condition for participation is that children are registered with one of the municipalities in the Land van Cuijk.

Let every child participate again!