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Our work method • What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to let children participate again with their peers, Leergeld applies a special method: the Leergeld formula. A condition for participation is that the children are registered with one of the municipalities in the Land van Cuijk. Our formula is an essential part of our way of working and consists of a number of steps:

Step 1: Home visit and inventory:

Families asking Leergeld for help are visited at home by well-trained and well-informed intermediaries. During a personal meeting, an inventory is made of the need for help and an assessment of the income and (possible) debt situation takes place.

For 2021 we assume the following criteria:

  • School-aged children aged 4 to 18 years;
  • Families with minimal financial resources or insufficient spending space;
  • The children must be registered with one of the municipalities in the Land van Cuijk.

Step 2: Mediation:

It is discussed with parents or carers what the options are based on existing / present facilities of others, such as municipalities or other authorities / organizations. Leergeld can then offer support in applying for these provisions.

Step 3: Financial safety net:

If there are no facilities that can be used for the child in question, or if these facilities are not sufficient, additional help can be offered in the form of gifts in kind or reimbursement of costs to clubs and schools. The criterion here is always that the additional aid contributes to the objective of Leergeld: preventing social exclusion by promoting “participation”.

Step 4: Follow-up and aftercare:

After processing the request that arrive at Leergeld, contact with the families concerned usually continues. Depending on the situation, this varies from a phone call to a new home visit.

Who do we help?

Leergeld is committed to school-age children up to the age of 18 from families who have to live on a low income or where due to circumstances there is insufficient spending space for their children to participate fully in education, sports and culture.

What can be requested?

Parents or guardians can submit an request to Stichting Leergeld Land van Cuijk to allow their child (ren) to participate. Depending on the financial situation of the local Leergeld foundation, the specific fees may vary per local Leergeld foundation.

Let every child participate again!