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Our work method • Who is Leergeld Land van Cuijk?

At the moment in the Netherlands in low-income families about 400,000 children live in a situation in which there is daily tension about whether or not they can provide the basic necessities of life. For these children there is a real risk of social exclusion, because for financial reasons they cannot or insufficiently participate in activities at school and in social life. They are often literally on the sidelines.

Participation” in school and in the free time of the children becomes impossible for financial reasons. As a result, these children do not have the opportunity to develop fully. Children, who grow up in these kinds of situations, are more likely to suffer from health problems and feelings of loneliness, achieve lower educational achievements and are more likely to end up in a poverty situation themselves again later, or in crime.

Investing in the most vulnerable groups of children and ensuring that they can participate in society from an early age is of great importance for the development of a country. Not investing in the most vulnerable group of children has far-reaching consequences not only for these children, but also for society as a whole.

The current existing facilities of municipalities and private organizations are not sufficient to help all these children. Leergeld Land van Cuijk wants to respond to this by investing in a sustainable way in the participation of these children, who are at risk of ending up on the sidelines of society without additional support.


Learning money Land van Cuijk's mission is to prevent the social exclusion of children from families with minimal financial resources. Leergeld Land van Cuijk offers children from 4 to 18 years of age to participate in indoor and extra-curricular activities. This allows these children to develop their social skills and knowledge as optimally as possible and to participate fully in society later on as adults. The long-term ambition of Leergeld Land van Cuijk is that all children can participate. The motto of Leergeld Land van Cuijk is: “All children are allowed to participate, because participating now also means participating in the future”.

Let every child participate again!

Let every child participate again!